CCleaner pro free download

CCleaner pro free download

CCleaner pro free download

CCleaner pro company piriformis is a powerful application that makes it easier to maintain cleanliness in the operating system. As a consequence, we can speed up the operation of the operating system. Most importantly, we can recover a large part of the disk using systematic cleansing of files that are no longer used by any program or operating system.


Description CCleaner pro free download

The program primarily performs actions that can be done manually, but on the other hand, CCleaner pro-free will do it faster for us. The activities we perform include:

  • Emptying the basket,
  • Removal of temporary files,
  • Clearing the clipboard,
  • Memory dumps,
  • Removing Windows log files,
  • Deleting user history,
  • Elimination of program shortcuts from the desktop and start menu.

CCleaner pro free can also clean up files left by web browsers. It deletes data which will be marked in the configuration panel. They can be for example:

  • Browser cookies.
  • The history of websites viewed.
  • Information that has been saved in the forms.
  • I am deleting the cache.

In short talk, an important option of CCleaner Pro master free download is its ability to clean up the registry. After executing this program function, all incorrect entries that are related to unused extensions, missing DLLs, etc. Therefore, they will be deleted. To maintain the full stability of the operating system, the program performs a backup copy of the registry. If necessary, it should be loaded.

CCleaner pro offers its users browsing programs added to autostart, and modifying them in terms of their startup options. We can create an operating system restore point. In the event of a failure, we will be able to use it.

An interesting feature that deserves attention is erasing data from the disk. We can delete the given disk space by overwriting it. It will be overwritten several times with randomly selected characters. This will make it impossible to read the data from this place.

CCleaner pro offers an active monitoring system in real time, which is responsible for informing the user about the possibility of freeing up additional disk space. It is an advanced system which makes it safe.

Description CCleaner pro free download

Advantages and disadvantages of the CCleaner pro free program


  • Support for many browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera.
  • The software was deleting recently used documents.
  • Registry cleaning module.
  • A portals version is available.
  • Manage add-ons in web browsers.
  • Support for office programs.
  • Available mobile version for phones.
  • No Ads.
  • The clear user interface is one of the advantages of this program.


  • Slow system cleaning process.

How to install CCleaner pro free

To install the program on your computer, download the installation file and run it. Follow the indications of the program. To start the download, prove that you are a human.

Download CCleaner pro free

Download CCleaner pro free

Now you can download the CCleaner pro in the mobile version and the version for the computer. Below, select the version you need and install it on your device.

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